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April 03, 2007


Susan Raihala

What a beautifully perfect metaphor for the experience. Thanks for sharing!

Shannon G

Thanks for sharing.


How Beautiful and so true!

Heidi K.

Wow, that was very moving. I really enjoyed reading that. Thanks for posting it Erika!


That's heart warming to read again. I have read a similar version before. I was searching for a poem to scrap about my adopted son. Something about how you may not have grown under my heart but you grew in it. I never did find a poem.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm glad you are so wellequipped for your trip to Hollans.
I beleive your laid back personality has helped you and Zach tremendously. your open accepting life attitude and eyes are indeed a Blessing. Kim


what a lovely story. thanks for sharing the story.


What incredible imagery! Thanks for sharing


So beautiful put Erika! :D

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