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April 01, 2007


Susan Raihala

My son Jack was diagnosed with PDD-NOS mildly affected last July. He was almost four. My education about the spectrum since last May when we began investigating Jack's speech and social delay has been nothing short of amazing. And Jack's progress with intervention has also been nothing short of amazing.

Kudos to you and Gina for finding a way to make stamping work for the cause. I'll be purchasing the set for sure and contributing to your 6 degrees badge as well.

Blessings to you and Zach and the rest of your family!

Joan B

Ah Erika, I too have a "different" son -- he doesn't have autism but is on the high functioning end of the spectrum. When he was 6 he told me, "your expectations of my future are not going to be met." Boy, I think back to that a lot now! He, too is a bit of a genius. If I had one message it would be -- he and many other kids I know like him (all boys!) are improving as they get older. My son now has friends -- not a lot and not many -- but this is new. He has some activities after school. It is a long road, but I wish you and Zach and the rest of your family the best!!! Already ordered Gina's set and am heavily promoting it.

passionstamper a/k/a Debbie VG

I actually have two nephews that are autistic...I just recently learned that one of my neighbor's sons has been diagnosed with autism as well. I just found this site Erika, and it's amazing! Now I understand your connection with GinaK! What a terrific idea! I think what you are doing is wonderful! Isn't it awesome how God works all things together for good? I'm thrilled to hear of Zach's progress! He sounds like a wonderful boy...

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